A part of Ayurveda medicine for thousands of years, there has been a lot of buzz recently about the benefits of Turmeric (and its active ingredient Curcumin) for health in humans. Clinical studies have shown benefit for preventing a number of cancers, helping inflammatory bowel diseases and reducing risk of Alzheimers, to name a few.  But did you know this unassuming root is an incredibly powerful superfood that should also be included in your dogs diet today!

In a nutshell Turmeric is a super Anti-inflammatory and an Antioxidant that packs a punch.  Here are just some of the things it can help with:

– supporting your dogs joints as they age. As prevention, Arthritis support and injury recovery.

– assisting dogs with skin and digestive issues (many being inflammatory conditions)

– fighting free radicals in the body that are associated with the overall ageing process.

– supporting your dog’s liver cells. Your dog’s liver is working overtime detoxing.  

– reducing risk of some cancers.  

So why make a paste?

The natural remedy is much more easily absorbed by the body if it is coupled with heat, fat (coconut oil works well) and a little amount of black pepper (Piperine is the active ingredient in Black Pepper that helps the bioavailbility of the Curcumin). One study showed an increased of absorption of curcumin by 2000%.  Be mindful Black Pepper can upset the the lining of your dog’s stomach so if your dog is sensitive you can leave it out.  You will still get benefits without it.

Follow this link for a recipe for Golden Paste

  • Caution: It stains something serious- surfaces, clothes and fingers beware unless you are after that golden touch.

By making up a batch of Golden Paste you can freeze some for later or add to ice tray moulds and take as you need them.  Some dogs love it and will eat it straight off your hand others will be less enthusiastic about the strong earthy taste and need it mixed in with something yummy or their other food.

Start small and build up to approximately 1 tsp per 10kg body weight. It is also best to give more frequently rather than just once a day based on how long it stays in the body.

Being a plant material, Turmeric itself cannot be patented hence its active ingredient Curcumin is used in many supplements available in stores.  There are synergistic benefits by including the turmeric as a wholefood supplement in the diet such as the paste.  So why not give it a try today.

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