Your Dog’s Body Is Shouting For Help!

It is not normal or healthy for dog to have room clearing gas, or consistent runny poos.  A vital animal will not be consistently itchy or have constant ear infections and hot spots.

If the body has an issue it wants to protect the vital internal organs and as such it will push ‘the bad’ as far away as possible.  The best way to do this is through the most exterior system being the skin or the quickest exit through the digestive system. 

If you take your dog to the vet and receive medication that in the short-term dulls the problem for temporary relief, all it has done is mask the symptom; it has not addressed the root cause to begin with!  And so, that problem can come back and often worse than before.  This is because these medications will add additional pressure to many organs and weaken the immune response, rather than support it.

So, what are some changes you can make to help your dog?

  1. Removing inflammatory foods such as processed foods and grains.
    • Even the grain-free kibbles are processed and still require a large amount of starch to hold the kibble together. So, these can still be problematic.
  2. Including fresh food (either raw or cooked) and ensure you give variety to balance across meals.
    • Identify foods that your dog is intolerant to through elimination and tests.
  3. Being conscious of where your dog’s food comes from.
    • The quality of factory farmed protein is very different to free range and organic. It may be more expensive, so find a balance that works best for your situation.
    • Pesticides on fruits and vegetables can be detrimental. Look for organic where possible, or regular for those that have a smaller pesticide residue.  For more information on easy ways to do this, read here.
  4. Promoting gut health by including pre- and pro-biotics.
  5. Providing supplements to help further reduce inflammation in the body and support the body’s homeostasis.
  6. Including foods that encourage gut membrane repair and healing such as bone broth, collagen and gelatin.
  7. Being mindful of the chemicals your dog comes into contact with at home and out. Your dog absorbs chemicals through their feet and skin E.g. aerosol air fresheners, and lawn pesticides.
    • This also includes the chemical pest preventatives.
  8. Helping your dog detox regularly, using herbal remedies that support the liver as it ‘cleans house’.

There is a difference between normal and optimum ranges when it comes to health care and remember normal is based on the wider population which includes dogs fed inflammatory diets.  Be wise and support your dog not only to survive but ‘Thrive’.

Understanding the relationship between our dog’s environment and their health is an intricate one that encompasses a range of areas.  If you are looking at ways to support your dog naturally at an optimum level, reach out to us for a holistic health consult (we offer remote consults for those further away seeking assistance as well).  Investing in your dog’s health today will provide preventative support and long-term health.

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