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Hot Diggity Dog: Summer Safety Tips

Dogs don’t cool down the same way we do, they use evaporative cooling through panting, and also perspire a little through the sweat glands in their feet.  This means they can suffer from heat stroke much quicker than humans, who sweat through most of their body.  Here...

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The Golden Ticket: Golden Paste for your Dog

A part of Ayurveda medicine for thousands of years, there has been a lot of buzz recently about the benefits of Turmeric (and its active ingredient Curcumin) for health in humans. Clinical studies have shown benefit for preventing a number of cancers, helping...

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The Why Series: Excess Barking

There can be many underlying causes behind your dogs barking.  If you know the 'why', it can help to change the problem.  Barking is one of the ways your dog communicates.  Here we look at some of the reasons behind the bark: Nature- Domestication has encouraged...

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A Rose by any other name…

What's in a name?  Whether getting a new puppy or an adult dog, an exciting part of the process is choosing a name.  Here are some things to consider when choosing your new hound’s name. It is a good idea to give an adult dog a new name: the rescue group may have...

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