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Problems with barking, toilet training, pulling on lead, jumping, chewing, separation anxiety or any other habits or issues that you want to stop?  Looking to teach particular skills? We focus on results where you need them, with tailored training for your dog.



We provide & promote a holistic approach to wellbeing.  Offering Natural Therapy Services to assist with behaviour, aches and pains, pesky skin issues and more.



Learn tips & tricks in a group environment.


Life Skills

Getting a new puppy or adult? Start life with your new furry bundle of joy the right way. We’ll help you feel confident in supporting your dog through the trials of puppy-hood or adolescence.  Avoid mishaps along the way and enjoy every life stage!


Remote Phone consultations & video conferencing

Contact us for out of area consultations nationally and internationally.


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In Home Consultations-

We offer a range of services and best yet we come to you!

Behaviour Services

Do you want a dog that:

* Walks calmly on lead and comes when called.

* Listens to your instructions.  

* Settles inside with good manners.

We understand how frustrating it can be.  From toilet training to separation anxiety, we work with any age or breed.  We can help you connect with your dog, to achieve the specific goals you are after. Training sessions will equip you with the knowledge and confidence to have a partnership and friendship with your dog that will flourish for a lifetime.

Is your dog bouncing off the walls and driving you bonkers?

Does she chew up everything?

Does he jump all over you?

Are you being dragged down the street on your walks?

Is she a perfect angel until she sees another dog and then its as if her brain falls out?

Do you feel like he just doesn’t listen?


A training session can help you nut out issues like these.


Good foundations, built up with trust & love, will change your life.  Help your dog to be the best version of themselves & enjoy the harmony it brings with it.

Life Skills

Do you want to socialise your puppy right?

We’ve got you covered, whether you are planning on the pitter patter of four paws joining you, or if you already have a cute little addition that is turning into a tiny terror.  We will go through all the steps to settle your new furry friend into your family and to help her grow up to be a well mannered mutley.

Are you thinking about getting a new dog and not sure what the best way is for your family?

Have you just added a new puppy, adult or rescue dog to the family?

Does your puppy have problems with toilet accidents inside?

Is your puppy crying through the night or struggling to settle?

Is your new addition chewing everything up?


Set your dog up for success and save your furniture in the process. You don't need to go through this alone!

“Everyone thinks they have the best dog and none of them are wrong”

Holistic Care

Are you overwhelmed with all the conflicting information out there and the endless choices for things like dog food and want to know what the best option is for your dog?

We can help to improve your dog’s comfort and wellbeing, giving you peace of mind.  Contact us today for a holistic wellness consultation, working across a number of natural therapies to provide customised care and recommendations.

Does your dog suffer from chronic ear infections, that visit after visit to the vet keep coming back?

Does she scratch incessantly, to the point of being red raw and losing fur?

Now that your dog is getting older does he have difficulty getting up, is he stiff when he walks?

Has your dog lost the spark from her eyes or just seems a little off or depressed?

Has your dog had an injury that your vet has recommended rehabilitation bodywork for?

Does he bounce off the walls like he is on a red cordial high, even after you have thrown the ball a million times?


A holistic consult can help bring harmony inside and out.


It’s about knowing your options, doing what is right for you & feeling empowered to do it well.  Giving your dog the best & happiest life they deserve.


Are you a dog training club? Or maybe a group of enthusiastic critical thinkers?

Are you looking to find out more about supporting your dog naturally? Find out tips and tricks that can be included in your daily routine that can make a big difference to the vitality of your dogs. All based on proven methods. Contact us today to discuss options for tailored workshops.

“Knowledge is power, when applied.”

                   The Natural Choice

  For You

& Your Dog.


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