At Hounds in Harmony, we believe that food is medicine.

This is why we supply only the safest and highest quality products for your dog. 

Any products you use for your dog, you should feel comfortable in using on yourself.   

Therefore, we test all of our products on our own dogs and even some on ourselves. 

Every little change can make a difference, so start today.


New Arrivals in our Apothecary

We are excited to announce the Augustine Approved Range. 

These products use Organic, Human Grade & Non-GMO wholefood ingredients. 

They pack a superfood punch.  

Aromatherapy is another modality to compliment the natural support you provide your dog.  Essential oils can have a powerful influence on emotional and physical wellbeing; both human and animal alike.   

Not all oils are created equally.  So for peace of mind, use only organic and therapeutic grade oils of a high quality.  

When diluted and applied the right way, essential oils can be safe and effective for supporting your family and dog’s vitality.  Explore more here.

Training Supplies- Coming Soon

Wholefood delicacies, Training Leads and Treat pouches.   

Bring safety, security & healthy treats into your dog’s world. 

At the same time, create a stronger connection and have fun along the way. 


Holistic Health

for your dog


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