Are you looking to get the most out of training your dog by finding a way to communicate on a whole new level?  This Checklist will help:

1) Consistency: Be Consistent because dogs will make sense of their world when expectations are black and white.

2) Clarity: Be Clear in what you are asking. This can be done by using cues your dog knows and by delivering them clearly.

3) Calm: Keep your cool.  Patience is a virtue, and training can take time- but Rome wasn’t built in a day.  There will be times where you get frustrated, so take a moment, take a breath and remain patient with your pooch and yourself.

4) Check in: Give your dog regular feedback at the right time for optimum results.  One of the biggest mistakes pet parents can make is taking the good behaviour for granted.  If you like what you see, Reward it!

  1.  The above four will go a long way in helping one of the most important factors of all…       

Connection: Effective communication is one of the pillars that will lead to a greater sense of connection with your dog.  This bond will be fundamental in getting the most out of your loved one and will create a strong relationship based on mutual respect, support and trust.

Happy Communicating!

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