What’s in a name?  Whether getting a new puppy or an adult dog, an exciting part of the process is choosing a name.  Here are some things to consider when choosing your new hound’s name.

  • It is a good idea to give an adult dog a new name: the rescue group may have given a new random name for their records, but it doesn’t mean you need to keep it. It is important as you don’t know what associations your dog has made with that name. It may already be broken (in that he has already learned to ignore it), or it may be toxic (your dog may have had bad experiences with that name).
  • Think of the sound from the dog’s perspective. If your family uses the word NO a lot something that rhymes with ‘no’ is probably not a good idea.  (there are other better options than No)
  • We use a name to get the dog’s attention, so a long name or a blunt sound isn’t something that flows off the tongue easy. Think less syllables and the ending sound of the name.
  • We have heard the tip before of going down to the park and calling the name out loudly and seeing how it feels. ‘Princess Talleulah Rainbow Charm’ may get old pretty quickly.
  • Don’t use a Name that is also a verbal cue for them. ‘Fetch’ and ‘Fetch’ will be confusing.
  • Each of your dogs have their own identity so perhaps, don’t call your dog the same name as your childhood dog: they would be very big paws to fill!
  • Consider coming up with some nicknames for your dog as a family- this way you can talk about your dog in front of them without wearing out their name. The times they hear it are actually the times you want them to listen and focus, you can get very creative with this one and you will find they will be much more responsive when they do hear their name called. For example His Majesty went to the vet today or Fluffybutt got to play with her doggy friends at the park. 

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