Keep it consistent and simple with Total Management:

  1. Give your puppy the opportunity to toilet where you want them to go regularly.  For a puppy this will be after every meal, play and sleep.
  2. Carry them to the toilet spot (to avoid accidents on the way).
  3. Place them down and give them their toilet cue eg ‘Go Potty’, ‘Get Busy’ or ‘Toilet’ then stand back, watch and wait.
  4. When they do go make a big fuss with praise and a treat.  Use calmer praise to start so they don’t get too excited and stop mid stream.
  5. Repeat Steps 1-4 & be proud your little puppy is learning where to go when nature calls and that you are supporting them along the way.

When they have gone you know it is safe for them to have puppy freedom inside again!


  • If they don’t go:

    ^ Don’t give them free run of the house.  Keep them close by and try again 10 minutes later.

    Tip: Puppies can get distracted when outside and ‘forget they need to go’ remembering not long after they come back inside. 

  • If you do have accidents:

    ^ Don’t scold your puppy.

    ^ Definitely do not rub their nose in it.

    Both of the above can create anxiety; causing your puppy to hide and go to the toilet when you are not watching.

    ^ If in the moment, you catch them, simply scoop them up and take them outside to where you want them to go and repeat the above steps.

    ^If you find accidents after the fact, simply clean it up, say nothing to your puppy.  For a puppy if it smells like a toilet, then it is a toilet, so accidents need to be cleaned the right way.  Be sure to use a natural cleaning product that isn’t ammonia based.

  • Be patient and be your puppy’s cheerleader when they do get it right! This is simple and it works.  As your puppy grows their bladder will be able to hold on longer and you will get an idea of their routine.  This investment is worth it and will pay off big time. 
  • If things aren’t going right and you do need help with toilet training your puppy or if you are frustrated and looking for support for any dog or puppy issues, get in touch today. We are here to help you.

    Happy Toilet Training!

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